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Pensando cabezas de pescado, haciendo barrabazadas y curioseando por la vida desde el siglo pasado.
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Game On by Lynne Rowe - Let’s Knit September issue, on sale now!


koyaanisqatsi patchwork by alvazer on Flickr.

Santiago, Chile


These tentacular Octopus and Giant Squid tables are the work of San Francisco-based bronze sculptor Kirk McGuire. The beautiful bronze cephalopods are so lifelike, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt phantom tentacles tickling your ankles while sitting at either of these tables.

Visit Kirk McGuire’s website to check out his standalone bronze sculptures and more of his awesome undersea animal tables.

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Acá con don Batman. Tangueando medio borracho, porque es viernes en la noche (en Paseo Ahumada)


Empezamos el tercer e inedito capítulo de Elisa.




My variant of: (X)

I thought this was leading to something deep…I wasn’t disappointed

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